"I just wanted to say thank you again for all the work you did with T. (and me). I think I mentioned that he has been diagnosed with an apraxia but the more I learn about apraxia the more blessed I feel that we had you in our lives.  He is very verbal now and is doing well in his therapy which is several times per week.  I know, after doing some research, many kids with apraxia are not as verbal as he is at this age and I feel like we owe that largely to you. Thank you so much."  


"Thank you so much for the impact you've had on N's life! You've taken him under your wing and taught him, with patience, firmness, and love, to use his sounds and voice. You've brought forth confidence in him and always believed in him as much as I have. Your patience with me and my many questions is so appreciated. We are so grateful God sent you into our life to help us!"

- Shannon G. 

"I could not say more about how amazing the Language Lab has been for my daughter. From the moment we began, my daughter made leaps and bounds in her development. The Language Lab has helped with her speech, processing and overall development. I love how they focus on the entire child and not just one part. I am forever grateful for the Language Lab and how much it has changed and helped my child reach her full potential."  

- Abbey C. 

"Grateful doesn't begin to explain how thankful we are that we found Language Lab. My son, "I" has progressed in language one whole year. His behavior has improved and he has blossomed in ways we thought wouldn't come for years. Trish is truly gifted and those who are blessed are a blessing. Thank you for being such a blessing! I recommend Language Lab to everyone with children. Amazing!" - Amanda 

"You have truly been a miracle and gift from God to our family. Words can't express how grateful we are to have you in our life. You absolutely turned my boys' lives around and opened their eyes to how much fun education can be. You not only have given them the gift of speech, you gave them their excitement and joy for learning. But, most importantly, you gave them their self-confidence. You will never know how thankful we are for everything you've done for us." - Rhandi G. 

"I am so glad that my daughter came to Tricia's center. I could not recommend it more to all the parents who wish to enrich their child's knowledge. Tricia has helped me also in suggesting learning activities for Z. I will be homeschooling Z partly because Tricia has brought to my attention Z's language skills and abilities. Thank you Tricia!" - Emina T.